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TOKi E-Scooter Service

Whatever you use yours for, keeping your e-scooter in top condition means that you can get more out of it!. TOKi Electric can repair and service scooters of all kinds, either purchased from us or elsewhere. We’re not able to perform a PDI on non-TOKi Electric scooters, and electric scooters will need to be inspected before deciding whether the repair can be carried out.

  • Impact Damage

    We can repair broken fenders, punctured tyres, damaged forks, unexpected noises or rattling, damaged wheels and faulty brakes.

  • Hardware Failures

    We fix error messages like the E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E7, E8 and other errors on the display for a range of e-scooters

  • Liquid Damage

    We can repair liquid damaged electric scooters and charge a fix price of £15 for the diagnosis for any type of e-scooter.

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We offer a drop-in workshop service even if you haven’t bought the e scooter from us. Please pre-book online first

Workshop Repairs

We offer diagnostic (if applicable) of potential issues, along with parts and repair costs. Our general workshop cost starts at £29.99 however, we always prefer if you send a message first to discuss your needs.

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